Over the past week or so, people have been angrily posting nonsense because Sasha Grey read to children in an elementary school in LA. Let’s break this down for better understanding. Sasha Grey, who was once an porn actress, read children’s stories to classes of young students and people are freaking out over it like she made them sit through her entire filmography of adult films.

Yeah, I’m not seeing the big deal either. I thought I would’ve seen the end of it a few days after it happened, but apparently not. I guess this is what happens when you have a bunch of Mombies on your Facebook feed (and not nearly enough awesome people who happen to be parents to make up for it).

Here’s what happened that day: She came in dressed as a normal human being and read Dav Pilkey’s book called Dog Breath for kids who are somewhere in first to third grade. Maybe there was a bit more (like choosing which book to read!), but she definitely didn’t walk in teaching them about the porn industry or how to double-penetrate. She didn’t give them lessons in which sex toy works best in what situation, and she didn’t ooze STDs all over the precious little children. Her shirt didn’t tell them what she’d done in her past or to look her up on Google.

She. Read. A. Book. She tried to promote reading to kids as being totally awesome! You know, something most people can get behind and agree on. We don’t have programs teaching them to read less, and we love it when people try to get them read more. In fact, cool parents wouldn’t care who was invited by these programs… You know, so long as they hadn’t committed any crimes against children (or any other human beings) and are doing something that should have a positive impact. In fact, I absolutely love some of the comments from parents I’ve seen:

A friend of mine who has two young children who, like others their age, love reading the same stories again and again.

But the mass amount of stupidity is overwhelming. With people making irrational jumps in logic (“What’s next? Allowing hookers to go read to our kids?”), it makes my stomach churn. Should the people who interact with our kids be absolutely chaste in their personal life or made to regret their past careers? Trick question, since the answer is obviously no.  Chances are that any adult involved in their child’s life has, at some point in their life, engaged in a sexual act.  Maybe it wasn’t for money, maybe it wasn’t on tape, and maybe it wasn’t more than just for some form of procreation; the fact is – to whatever degree it was – those people have had sex in some fashion.  That doesn’t make them bad people, whether or not it was on tape.

“What if they look her up on the Internet?” Yeah, okay. They’re in elementary school, and the chance that they’re going to do it are probably close to not at all. If anyone’s going to, it’s going to be those “concerned” parents who have nothing else to complain about. These children, more than likely, had no clue who she was. Honestly, they probably didn’t give a crap who she was; they just liked that she came to read a story to them!

Would these parents protest if Tiger Woods came to read to their kids? What about Paris Hilton? The list goes on and on, but where would it stop so that people just won’t complain about it? (In reality, someone would probably still whine if you brought some of the most neutral personalities in the world.) I don’t care if they introduced her as Sasha Grey or Marina Hantzis; the point is that she’s not any worse a role model because she’s a sex-worker than some of these other people our children are exposed to on a daily basis just because they’re celebrities.

A friend of mine who has two young children who, like others their age, love reading the same stories again and again.

I just can’t get behind all the people who are badmouthing her simply because of her previous career choices; I can’t understand all of the negativity toward her for doing something commendable just because she made money in the porn industry. She found something she enjoyed (or didn’t hate) and ran with it; she made money, and now she’s working toward becoming a mainstream actress. More than just saying “she’s done what she’s wanted,” I’d rather let her defend herself (through her appearance on The View).

My biggest questions, though, are mostly about a lot of the parents. How many the parents who are wasting time complaining use that time to engage in their children’s education? How many spend a few evenings a week reading books with their sons or daughters or helping them with their homework? Do they honestly think that this one encounter is going to make their child slip straight into the porn industry the moment they turn 18?

If there’s anything to be pissed off over, it’s the fact that (some of) the staff at Emerson Elementary denied she was even there until, well, they absolutely had to. You know, pictorial evidence will occasionally force you to do something that you should’ve done in the first place.



If I were in the position of the parents (who actually care about their children), I would like the school to send me a notice telling me about any special guest that my child is going to be exposed to. I want to know who they are in the event my hypothetical child has any questions; it’s also nice to be informed of all activities going on in schools so that you can better prepare your children (especially according to your family’s beliefs, but we no longer have to worry too much about the religious renditions of Christmas or Easter existing in public schools). If any parent really had too much of a problem with an ex-porn star reading children’s stories to their elementary schooler, then they could lodge a complaint or keep them home that day.

I, on the other hand, wouldn’t mind her reading to my future children. Knowing that kids can read the same couple books for a year and still be obsessed with them, I’d have no problem letting her read in my place on occasion just so I could stop reading them. (Let’s hope that, when I have kids, I can convince them to engage in reading a variety of books and not the same four over and over again.) If I knew her in real life or were friends with her, I would have no problem letting my children interact with her; she shows the capability of separating her adult life, and I highly doubt she’d make a big deal about it in front of kids.

Also, many schools in my area require that anyone who volunteers go through a rigorous background check to ensure that they’ve not been convicted of any violent crime (against any other human being, including children). I suggest that all schools do the same to provide more protection to everyone involved, including the school staff.

In fact, I’d probably be more angry if the schools allowed Michael Vick or Tonya Harding to read to my children.  Now those seem like really poor choices.

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