In my experience, one of the biggest difficulties for international schools is retaining teachers. There are some schools that are amazing and are able to retain them with ease, but there are a lot of schools that seem to lose almost an entire staff at the end of every single school year because of a range of issues that all stem from one key problem: inappropriate management.

This problem can exist in a variety of ways:

  • A severely abusive school manager creates a hostile working environment because they take every single moment they can to berate and belittle members of their staff and plays favourites with a handful of people while gaslighting the rest.
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When I started working in late August of 2017, I was not a legal employee. I don’t think the few parents who interacted with me recognised that; I’m not sure they recognised that, for the first couple months of my work, I did not have legal rights to work at the school that had hired me.

Honestly, I couldn’t have worked anywhere in Italy because I didn’t have proper paperwork.

And I wasn’t the only person in this situation working at this school. There were two of us, both Americans, who found ourselves working at a place illegally. We were coerced into this work, as it was not our decision.… Read the rest.