A thirty-something queer (bisexual, genderfluid) Midwestern person who is often described as not entirely country but not entirely city, I have been on a quest to find what could one day be my true home. It’s taken me to many different locations throughout the United States, Australia, Taiwan, China, Italy, and Slovakia. In all of these places, I have met some amazing people and have learned so much; they have all, in many different ways, shaped the person that I am (and will become).

Teaching in international schools has given me a lot of opportunities to see the world in a way that I couldn’t imagine, but they have also opened my eyes to the problems of for-profit education and the ways in which business interests influence schooling. In fact, I credit these institutions with both broadening my horizons and pushing me to become more leftist and start studying a lot more in terms of class, race, gender, and sexuality.

Having grown up on a farm, I’ve always been the odd one out. I can be comfortable when I’m on the farm or lost in the city, I’ve frequently argued in favour of organic agriculture, and I’ve always had some “strange” political and religious beliefs for being the product of a highly conservative area.

My interests include:

  • studying languages (German, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, and Slovak);
  • stand up comedy;
  • photography and street art;
  • video and tabletop gaming;
  • researching and understanding politics and laws;
  • music and concerts;
  • theatre, film, and television.

It’s also worth mentioning that I have ADHD, dyslexia, and an audio-processing disorder. If I seem to switch between so many interests, it’s largely because of being ADHD and having found so many things I love as a result from getting engaged at different rates in different topics in so many contexts. It also means that, sometimes, I might make mistakes; if someone calls me out, I am more than willing to hear them out.

Oh, also! I adore penguins, reptiles with feet, rodents and lagomorphs, platypuses, and primates. My family and friends, home-made lemon cake, and my mom’s chili are all the things I miss about home. I play video games for the economic experiments and love seeing people take sociology to MMOs. Just thought you should know.