The other day, I went to the CDC (Centro Diagnostico Cernaia) office in Torino to check the position of my Mirena IUD. Something just felt wrong, so I decided to make an appointment a month earlier than the doctor who inserted it had recommended. Unsurprisingly, it was not in position. My only option is to remove and replace it, since it cannot be re-positioned; Mirena’s only come with “one shot.”

Needless to say, I was infuriated because it was directly related to a lack of care and a lack of attention on the part of the doctor who inserted it. Plus, all of these visits to either cause me pain or do absolutely nothing were starting to rack up, making it harder to afford them. I’d also have to buy the IUD all over again all because a doctor decided to ignore my needs.

A month ago, at the end of June, I had my IUD replaced. This procedure was hell. Everything was normal until the doctor tried to insert the IUD. Before he ‘released’ it, I kept telling him to stop. It hurt way too much, and I was literally in tears the entire time. It felt like my uterus was being ripped from inside me using a harpoon. I had never been in such excruciating pain in my life (and I’ve managed to injure myself quite a lot because I’m so accident prone).

What made it worse is that the doctor did not listen to me. He decided to continue the procedure that he didn’t have to continue immediately. This was despite my obvious discomfort and uncontrollable sobs and despite the fact that I repeatedly told him to stop because I couldn’t handle that amount of pain.

But, since he continued, he ‘released’ …