A twenty-something Midwestern girl who is often described as not entirely country but not entirely city, I have been on a quest to find what could one day be my true home. It’s taken me to different parts of the United States where I have met and enjoyed the company of all sorts of people. I think I might be… too lost.

Having grown up on a farm, I’ve always been the odd one out. I can be comfortable when I’m on the farm or lost in the city, have frequently argued in favour of organic agriculture, and have always had some “strange” political and religious beliefs for being the product of a highly conservative area. I’ve often wanted to be a politician, but I constantly feel that my beliefs mean too much to me, that the government is somewhat ridiculous, and that lobbyists really piss me off.

My passions have always been gaming and music, German and British entertainment, politics and law, studying languages, wishing comedians and musicians would stop going to places I’ve just left rather than where I live, and actually writing research papers for my own pleasure (or to remember that I can, in fact, do something that requires a lot of creative research). I’m an educational masochist, always wanting to learn as much as I can about everything I can.

I adore penguins, reptiles with feet, rodents and lagomorphs, platypuses, and primates. My family and friends, home-made lemon cake, and my mom’s chili are all the things I miss about home. I play video games for the economic experiments and love seeing people take sociology to MMOs.