I’m alive, I promise. I just finished packing and getting my bags settled so that I can do some crazy excess-luggage checking and move myself back to the US for the next seven weeks. At the same time, VEDA started and has had me extra busy keeping up with the video-posting aspect. I’m glad, though; I wanted to do more video blogging. Everything is a bit over the top right now, so I’m trying to keep myself afloat; I’m trying to not stress out a lot, particularly as a lot of my plans went awry. That’ll get explained at a later date, especially as I’m leaving tomorrow afternoon and still have a lot to do.

Instead, I figured I’d post all of the videos that I’ve made for VEDA up until this point. Many are a bit wonky because I just don’t have a setup to do videos mid-move. Enjoy!

Day 1: Introductions

Day 2: How I Got Involved in VEDA

Day 3: Traveling Through Time

Day 4: Reading Preferences

I’ll be posting the others and any updates along the way as well! I’ve still got a little bit left to do, but I’m nearly there! I can’t wait to be back in the US for a little while; I really miss my family.

So other than existing on Twitter and Tumblr, I’ve been pretty much hiding due to finishing my final semester of university. And planning to move twice. And just running around seeing people I adore. I’ve been pretty busy!

Rather than make a list of everything I’ve been doing, I figured I’d babble about them in a poor quality video because my real camera hates functioning. Apologies!

I babble a lot, particularly in this. The short of it is that I’m graduating twice, I got to see my best friend (mentioned x2) Kirsti before I leave, I eat a Golden Gaytime because [...] Continue Reading…

It’s a pretty safe bet that, if people actually followed my Twitter, everyone would have assumed I had a bit of a breakdown. And I probably did because I feel really strongly about education and the absolute lack of care it receives. I feel about education much in the same way people care about things like whether or not JJ Abrams ruined two Star Trek movies (which he did), if Moffat really did turn Doctor Who into a horrible series (which he has), or justifying why foods like sauerkraut are particularly disgusting and should be avoided at all costs [...] Continue Reading…

“What separates you and me from the great unwashed,” he started, “is that we both have the potential and the desire to be better people.”

But that was a phrase that, as he would later come to understand, annoyed and hurt me. It was an awkward place to find uncomfortable classist remarks. In a letter that detailed his feelings for me and why he felt I was so special, he tried to raise us above everyone else as if we were somehow more willing to change than everyone else.

But it was a phrase that I grew up hearing because of [...] Continue Reading…

“I know provoking isn’t productive,” he told me after I explained that it would do nothing to help his case, “and I don’t want to. Sometimes I get frustrated and do it on impulse. I try not to.”

But that isn’t the case. Just prior, he’d openly told me that the whole reason he’d said provoking things is so that I would yell at him; it was apparently the only way that he could confirm any feelings I had because they seem to be so non-existent.

Except you can’t have it both ways. You don’t get to say you try to [...] Continue Reading…

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